SIRGAS Symposium 2021 date:

 From November 29 to December 1, 2021

 For those interested in attending and participating in the SIRGAS 2021 Symposium, it is recommended to take into account the       following dates:


May 30th Beginning of the reception of the abstracts of the works for the evaluation of their presentation form (oral form or poster).
August 31th Deadline for receiving the abstracts of the works for the evaluation of their presentation form (oral or poster form).
September 30th Communication to the authors of the papers about the results of the evaluation.
October 29th Distribution of the detailed Program of the SIRGAS 2021 Symposium.
November 15th Publication of the Posters on the SIRGAS 2021 portal.
November 29th Session I and II – Meeting of Working Group I
November 30th Session III and VI – Meeting of Working Group II
December 1th Session V – Meeting of Working Group III


 Topics :

1. Report of the SIRGAS authorities (report of the SIRGAS president, of the SIRGAS working
groups and update of UN-GGIM: Americas (GT-GRFA)).

 2. Development and Maintenance of the SIRGAS Reference Frame.

 3. Modeling of the Earth’s gravity field (Geoid, Gravimetry, Global Height System).

 4. SIRGAS reference frame applications (National Reports, Real-time applications, etc.).

 5. Contribution of SIRGAS to the modeling of the Earth System (Troposphere, Ionosphere, Seismology,

    Oceanography, Hydrography).

The scientific community is informed that works related to the following objectives or related topics are welcome to be presented in oral or poster format during the symposium, this invitation also includes national reports describing the main SIRGAS activities developed by member countries during the last year.


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